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Your refrigerator called and said it was feeling mighty lonely. Why not give it a few friends to play with by creating a couple of custom magnets! Add your favorite image to a round magnet, or shop the thousands of options for a cool square magnet.


    Available in:
    Square Shape (2″ x 2″)
    Round Shapes (1.25″, 2.25″ and 3″) and
    Photo Magnets (3* x 4*)
    Stone Magnets (2″ x 2″ x 0.63″) – Available in marble, sandstone, travertine, and primed marble
    Printed on 100% recycled paper
    Covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar

Customized Magnets

Here are some of the recent magnets we have published:
1. Positive Attitude: Square Magnet
2. I Live An Authentic Life: Round and Square Magnets | Photo Magnets
3. Think Before You Speak: Square Magnet
4. Real Integrity: Square Magnet
5. Goal Setting: Photo Magnet | Square Magnet
6. Sincerity: Square Magnet
7. Persistence: Square Magnet
8. Motivation and Habit: Stone Magnet | Photo Magnet | Square Magnet
9. No Man Has Ever Lived: Stone Magnet
10. Abundance: Square Magnet | Photo Magnet
11. Thorough Plans: Photo Magnet
12. Chew: Photo Magnet
13. Striking: Photo Magnet
14. Realist: Photo Magnet
15. Achievement: Photo Magnet
16. Right Track: Photo Magnet
17. Lonely: Photo Magnet
18. Commitment: Photo Magnet
19. Thinking: Photo Magnet
20. What A Man Can Do: Photo Magnet
21. Greatest Pleasure: Photo Magnet
22. Overcome Fear: Photo Magnet
23. Great Things: Photo Magnet
24. Get Up: Photo Magnet
25. The Vision: Photo Magnet

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